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Michael Jackson - Thriller
T02031 version    暂无    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Kar Mp3 Track)
TB version        Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

Michael Jackson - Thriller - Thriller (25th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition]
MJ version    5:57    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

Pierre Vangelis - Thriller - The Inst Hits of Michael Jackson
PV version    3:36    Without Background Vocals

Michael Jackson - Thriller - The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection
MJ version    5:58    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

Kenji Club - Thriller - Always & Forever - An Inst Tribute to Michael Jackson
KC version    4:23    Without Background Vocals

The Horror Pop Ensemble - Thriller (as Made Famous By Michael Jackson) - Halloween Insts
THPE version    5:30    Without Background Vocals

Musical Creations Studio Musicians (Kar) - Thriller (of Michael Jackson) [Kar Version Inst Only] - Kar - Thriller
MCSMK version    5:30    Without Background Vocals

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