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White Knight Inst - Let It Go By - Inst Covers of Demi Lovato
WKI version    3:51    Without Background Vocals

ProSound Kar Band - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Acoustic Kar Inst Version] - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Acoustic Kar Version] - Single
PSKB version    3:49    Without Background Vocals

Elizabeth South - Disney Medley 2, Pt. 4: When You Wish Upon a Star / Feed the Birds / Let It Go (Demi Lovato Version) (Inst) - Disney Medley, Pt. 2
ES version    2:57    Without Background Vocals

Kar Megastars - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Kar Version With Backing Vocals] - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Kar Version With Backing Vocals] - Single
KM version    3:47    With Background Vocals

Music Box Mania - Let It Go - MBM Performs Demi Lovato
MBM version    3:27    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

AMZ Top Tracks - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Kar Version] - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) [Kar Version] - Single
ATT version    3:53    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

Agrupacion LatinHits - Let It Go (Frozen) (Demi Lovato) - Inst Kar Series: Varios Artistas, Vol. 19 (Kar Version)
ALH version    4:01    Without Background Vocals

Backing Tracks Minus Vocals - Let It Go (Demi Lovato) - Let It Go (From Frozen) Backing Track [Backing Tracks] - EP
BTMV version    3:42    Not Sure With/Without Background Vocals

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